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The Next Chapter is Here!

Rest is SO vital. I didn't realize that in March and paid for it with being completely burnt out. April, however, was all about rejuvenation and just in general "getting my life." I had to save my energy up a bit, because I knew I had planned a ton for May to keep myself busy and working. Beyond just public appearances and the like, I knew I would begin the journey of my second book in the Carefree, Like Me! Series.

I cannot wait to share that all with you once the Kickstarter goes live on May 15th, but in the meantime read below for last month's happenings!


Sooo thanks once again to my big brother and phenomenal mentor Eric Thomas, I was able to do a really fun joint presentation at The College of New Jersey in the Education Department! The students were a mix of folks preparing to enter into teaching or studying to go into the profession, and the really kind Professor Bwire asked us to come in and share our experiences working with children.

I'm no longer shy in front of crowds LOL, so this was just an opportunity to have fun and engage in some really important and exciting dialogue about: working with kids, the importance of educators, and more.

BUT the best part was that Professor Bwire used my book Carefree, Like Me! to discuss how to talk about certain themes and topics, and it was amazing. The feedback from them about the book was incredible, but more importantly I got to see how teachers could use my words for change and its impact. Beautiful evening all around :)

And thanks again Eric Thomas for the photos!


Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a little while :) . . I had the pleasure of being a vendor at @georgiancourt #restarttheartsfestival to benefit @oceanacademynj ! I made so many new friends and even got to read #carefreelikeme aloud to a room full of adults. I was more nervous doing that than reading for kids honestly, but I got a lot of praise and a ton of new buyers and. We gettin' this WURK! I have to split this post in two to get all of the goodies :) .


Another incredible day of workshops in the books. . . I was honored and immensely excited to be invited back to @mypurnell to offer a workshop on caricature art. The students were awesome, offering up some incredible (And hilarious) caricatures of their partners. Unfortunately, a lot of students went home early for the weekend so all instructor classes were small. It, however, made the day more intimate and very special. Highlight of the day being when one of the students @k2k_knapp asked to see my book and flipped out when i brought it in! She'd apparently seen it elsewhere and was shocked to meet the author haha. Fun day all around. Until next time Purnell!


.Thanks for following along, and I'll see you soon!


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