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WELCOME! I'm Rashad Malik Davis, an award-winning author/illustrator and entrepreneur currently pursuing his dream!  I love to explore themes of magic, the mystic, empathy, emotional literacy, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in my work most often - but in a fun and humorous way!


I’ve been obsessively putting my visions and dreams to paper ever since I could hold a pen firmly, and I’ve reveled in every second of this journey. I am an artist, storyteller  and avid reader who has been doing all for as long as I can remember: drawing characters, giving them stories and reading to get inspired.   


In 2014, I reached a crossroads.  I had the option of staying stagnant, pursuing a career that was financially safe but ultimately unfulfilling. I felt stuck, called to do more.  It wasn't until one night where I had a specific dream telling me "Take this opportunity or you might not get it again", that I literally woke up to my purpose. I decided to leap with my eyes closed but heart wide open, trusting in myself and whatever guides came through that one night.  I'm happy to report that I am no longer jumping.  I am flying. I've now translated this all into a career as a diverse illustrator with a renewed focus on picture books for children and graphic novels for young adults. My picture book series won the 2017 Best Indie Book Award for its writing, and in 2019 the second book in the series won the Best Indie Illustrator Award for its art.

I  am currently at work on a graphic novel and my children's picture book series entitled, Carefree, Like Me!

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