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BIBA, Best Indie Book Award, Best Indie Book Award Winner, Picture Book, Children's Book

Carefree, Like Me! is the Winner of the 2017 Best Indie Book Award in the Children's Category! 

Black boy with natural hair, dark skinned boy, Amir, Neena, South Asian girl, green eyes, fear, children's book, picture book, egyptian mythology, bull, scared, children

Carefree, Like Me! - Ch. 1: Root the Brave

Written By: Rashad Malik Davis

Illustrated By: Rashad Malik Davis

As featured on: News 12 New Jersey with Della Crews, the Lawrence Gazette, Princeton Local TV and more!

What happens when two best friends get bored? They go to another universe, of course! Will Amir and Neena help King Root overcome his fears, or will they be stuck in the Land of the Spirits forever? The award-winning Root the Brave is the first book in a series of seven, each book introducing a new hero, emotion and adventure. Join in the fun and get lost in this first book in a series that teaches children about: the power of empathy, facing our fears, and the beauty of our diverse world. Ideal for children ages 6-9, but fun for the whole family!

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