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I work with you from concept to finish, developing
your vision into a finished cover that you can be proud of! I work to provide high quality covers that are delivered according to print specifications. I can provide just the cover or provide a simple, flat color back cover and spine at no additional cost as well.

Files are delivered typically in PDF format, but can be sent in JPEG as well.


Jane Otamiri Book Cover Front & Back 4.jpg
Jane Otamiri Book Cover Front & Back 4.jpg


Face/Head - $50

Head Turnaround - $75

Full Body Character Design - $150


Design + Turnaround - $200

If you are designing a character for an animation project, a book, or even just to have for your own personal projects, I'm your person! I work with you to bring your character to life, either creating a standalone design. Or doing a full turnaround to see your character at multiple reference angles.

EThiopian DTIYS.jpg
Nanu Father.jpg

= Head Turnaround - $75

Hathor Full Body Cutout.png

= Full Body Character Design - $150

Amir Character Turnaround.png

Design + Turnaround $200


  • Full Color Spread $350/spread

  • Full B&W Spread $250/spread

  • Half Page 

  • $250/image

  • Spot Illustration $150/illustration

 Have a book idea that just NEEDS to come to life? I'd love to help! I work with you from character design process to sketch to then final colored pages. At every step of the process, I'm informing you of what I'm doing so that we can make corrections!


I do NOT provide edits to manuscripts and require completed manuscripts ONLY. I also require a look at a completed manuscript to see if our styles are a match before I agree to take on new work. I am actively looking for fantasy, whimsical, or magical stories. I also love folklore, fairytale, and mythological narratives. (N.B. For reference, a "spread" in book terminology is an image that spans two pages of a book. So when you open it up, it reads as one finished illustration. And a spot illustration is a smaller illustration surrounded mainly by blank space.)

Heather Illustration Signature.jpg

= Full Color Spread - $350

Guaitiao 5+6.PNG

= Half Page - $250

Maxine Lyle 2 Rectangle.jpg

= Spot Illustration - $150


  • Rate Varies 

  • Click here for ideas on how to build buzz for my visit!



These face to face experiences are a wonderful opportunity to not just share my story with your students and get them excited about reading and storytelling. This is also a chance for children to learn firsthand about and become inspired by careers in the creative arts.  Students and teachers alike always praise these opportunities as a chance to be inspired and grow, and I'd love to share that with you.

What I offer: 30-45 Minute presentation on my journey to being an artist + live dramatic reading of my books + Q&A. I also do a live drawing demonstration or workshop depending on age and time availability.

  • Readings are generally for students aged K-5th.

  • Presentations typically range from Elementary to High School.

Please  check out testimonials from schools and organizations here! 

DArjX5RXUAErCAk (1).jpg


10 Week Digital Arts Afterschool/Summer


Program: $25-$30/Student/Week =


Click Here to Read My Detailed Program Summary


RaMalik Illustrations is a multimedia and education based company, focusing on themes of: emotional literacy, social emotional development, inclusion, and diverse narratives.  Created and owned by Rashad Malik Davis, an award-winning author and illustrator, RaMalik Illustrations recognizes the power of storytelling and the arts to affect social and personal change.

Creative expression lies at the heart of what defines humanity. More than that, art and storytelling provide a wealth of opportunities for economic growth and the possibility for lifelong skill development, learning, and job placement.  

Muse & Machine: An Intro to Digital Art exposes students to three different tracks: Illustration, Animation, and Comic Booking. This presents students with potential college and career paths, confidence building, public speaking experience, and hands on professional training with an industry-conscious artist.  The digital arts are the present and the future, representing careers in: the arts, entertainment, medicine, engineering, and many more.

This series of hands-on workshops will support school and district goals of college and career readiness; for the focus is on preparing students for occupations in: writing, visual arts, technology, storytelling, and beyond. The programs culminate in community involvement, families, friends, and loved ones attending a final gallery showing of the students' hard work!

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