Laura G.

Youth Services Librarian

Dear Rashad, 

Thank you so much for your motivational presentation to our library patrons. The children and
families truly enjoyed hearing you speak about your personal journey as both an artist and new
author. Your talk was full of enthusiasm and worked wonderfully with the mix of age ranges in
the audience. You definitely have a gift for reaching kids and getting them excited about books,
reading, and recognizing their own potential.


You were so engaging with everyone, and your
natural sense of timing and humor worked well as you interacted with both the adults and
children. I found myself laughing right along with the group and rooting for the kids as you
called on them to answer questions. You did a great job of keeping things on track while
acknowledging their comments and personal side stories. It was nice to hear so many diverse
book titles and characters come up in the course of the discussion.
As I mentioned to you that day, we’ve had myriad programs this summer at our library.
Magicians, crafts, mammals and reptiles, science shows, themed story-times, community
partnerships, book parties, etc. I was delighted to be able to offer your program in the mix as it
gave the children the chance to participate in something completely unique. Being able to meet
you and hear your personal account of what it is like to write and illustrate a book is likely
something they’ll remember fondly from this summer. Your talk was just the right length and the
addition of your slideshow, art work and hands-on drawing activity rounded out the presentation
perfectly. Your enthusiastic read-aloud of your book was also quite a treat! We are happy to
have it in the collection. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope we can partner
together again in the future.

Kind regards,

Laura G., Youth Services Librarian

Karen Grant

School Library Media Specialist

May 30, 2017 was a VERY special day at Parkway Elementary School in Ewing, NJ! Our third, fourth, and

fifth grade students were excited to welcome author, illustrator Rashad Malik Davis! Prior to Rashad’s

visit, students read and discussed his book, Carefree, Like Me! during their Library class.


It was exciting to see how the students seemed to jump right into the story with the characters, Amir and Neena! Also,

the story’s cliffhanger ending left the students eager to find out what might happen in Chapter 2! As a

result, we started to prepare a list of questions for Rashad to answer on the day of his visit!

As a school library media specialist, I’ve read aloud many books to my students. However, I always tell

students it’s a special treat when they get to hear an author read his or her story.


Well, Rashad did not disappoint! He really made the story come alive as he created the atmosphere for reading and kept

students actively engaged throughout his presentation. It was such a pleasure to see the excitement

building in our students as Rashad read aloud to them and later shared his story as a writer and his plans

for future.

Thank you for providing our Parkway Panthers with such an amazing experience, Rashad! We can’t wait for you to return with Chapter 2 of Carefree, Like Me!


Karen Grant, School Library Media Specialist

Parkway Elementary School, Ewing NJ

Stephanie Fischer

Client Testimonial - Average Bear Productions

I'm so glad that I came to Rashad for my logo needs.


The logo for my company is the first (and sometimes only) thing people see that represents my brand, and Rashad did a truly phenomenal job in the design.


From the initial creative discussions to the execution, Rashad's creativity, intuition, and professionalism blew me away at every step. It often felt like he was reading my mind throughout the process!


I am so thrilled with my product and I can't wait to work with Rashad again in the future.

Students of Slackwood Elementary School

Ms. Middleton's Class

Dear Mr. Davis,

We really liked your book. Carefree Like Me was really good! It had creative, interesting drawings. 


It was mysterious, funny, and action-packed! We loved how you read the book. It was cool and funny how you changed your voice and showed the emotions of the characters.

You were inspiring to us.  You are really nice, positive, and a great author.  We like how you are a Slackwood alumnus, and you encouraged us to follow our dreams.

We look forward to reading your next books! #Weloveyourbook

Your number 1 fans,

Ms. Middleton’s 3rd grade class

























Heather Middleton

Slackwood School

Students of Slackwood Elementary

Ms. Morris' Class

Slackwood Student Letters!


Okay so I just loved the part when you dabbed. I thought that it was cool when you told us about Animation school. I’ve been trying to do Animation myself but everything has gone down hill. I always use art and try my Animations out on the weekends. I also love building so I play this game called”Minecraft” too. Now I think that just writing a story is hard but you encouraged me to write a story when I still have time.You told everyone to not give up and to always do what you are passionate about and that’s really important to me. I have this app on my tablet where you can write stories and read stories so when I have time I always write a story. So I really liked your presentation and you are very passionate and encouraging. From Cymone C


I thought your book was amazing.I liked how you described different types of emotions and how you changed your voice when a different character spoke each time.You have inspired me and other people to not give up your dreams.You have to find what makes you happy.Thank you for sharing your book with us.It was great. From: Vallerie K


I really liked the end of the book because it made me want to read the next book. Thank you for sharing the book you have illustrated and created ! Olivia D


Thank you for coming to Slackwood I liked when you dabbed your book was good and when he got his courage and saw it was a cat haha he was scared. I'm you 1#fan Angelica


I Like your books and can you draw goku for me. I like that necklace  you got from china. Do you know dragon ball Heroes? Mohammad E

I loved your book it was funny, silly and cool .   I love books and drawing. LoL  Silly books are cool. You can write so much  as a girl and you too. I love to dilly dally.        From  Callie         

I loved the book you wrote it was courageous, brave and strong. The way you read the story made me feel as if I was one of the characters. Your career is inspiring and cool. You taught me you can be anything. The person you have in you IS YOU! Now I know what life's about it’s about ……………….yourself

Your friend, Kevin D

Thank you so much for coming to Slackwood. We all loved seeing what can happen with hard work and passion. Come back and visit when your next book is ready!

Mrs. Morris

Thank you for coming to Slackwood again and for reading us your book because you did a great job on the book and it was funny. Have fun writing your new books for other kids and they will like them so much just like we did.


 From, Julissa P

Librarian, Ms. Kathlinda Saretzky

Librarian at Slackwood Elementary School of Lawrence Township, NJ

Thank you for visiting Slackwood and sharing your first book with us.
Your presentation was so enthusiastic and informative.  Your positive energy and positive message were very well received by students and staff!  It is especially great that you are a Slackwood grad!  I think students really feel they can follow their dreams just like you!  Thank you for bringing your great energy and super message to Slackwood.

The first edition, inscribed copy of your book will find an honored place on our library shelf and in the hands of many fellow Slackwoodians!

Ms. Linda Miller

Robotics Teacher at Slackwood Elementary School of Lawrence Township, NJ

Mr. Davis gave a fabulous presentation to our students at Slackwood Elementary School today.  We are proud of our former student Rashad, who had a passionate, heartfelt discussion with students about books and the writing and illustrating process. More importantly he speaks to them about never giving up, and sites examples of his own challenges when writing his books. He connected so beautifully with our students, and his positivity is contagious. He reflects about his journey and fosters a warm environment when speaking to the students.  Rashad is also extremely entertaining when he reads to the students, with expressions and character voices.  We truly enjoyed his visit today, and I believe he inspired our students to pursue their dreams.

Principal Jay Billy

Slackwood Elementary School of Lawrence Township, NJ

Rashad Malik Davis’s author visit was perfect for our students. Mr. Davis shares his journey to becoming a writer and illustrator while connecting with our students and our teachers. He spreads a message of perseverance and grit in order to follow your dream.  Mr. Davis was animated as he read his book to our students using character voices and involving the audience.  When the assembly ended, our students didn’t want to leave. We loved having Rashad Malik Davis in our school!

Karen Sapudar

Pace Charter School of Hamilton, NJ

My name is Karen Sapudar, and I am a fourth and fifth grade writing teacher at the Pace Charter School of Hamilton. Recently, the Upper School students were visited by Rashad Malik Davis.

Rashad is a local author and illustrator, and he spent several hours explaining the steps of the writing process to the students. He described how he comes up with his characters, how he names them, how he plans his story, as well as

the research that he put into his first book, Carefree, Like Me. He took the time to answer every question the students asked. I finally had to end the Q &A period, because the children were so inspired by him, it could’ve gone on for days. He was so kind and patient with our students, which is a true testament to what he stands for. The way he spoke to the children, and his exuberant personality, made for an educational experience that we are proud to have offered

our students.

I recommend Rashad Malik Davis as an addition to any Literacy Program. I believe you will find that he inspires the children to want to become writers and illustrators, or both. He was a great role model, and demonstrates to the students

that no matter who you are, or where you come from, anything is possible with hard work, determination, and the ability to never give up on your dreams.

Thank you, Rashad

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