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Ideal for children ages 6-10

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Magical-Realism


Amir and Neena are BACK for the continuation of the award-winning book series, Carefree, Like Me! Our friends completed their first task, restoring balance to Root the Brave's realm and releasing his fears. In this second book, they meet another MASSIVE challenge! They must help Sacra, an abundance goddess who has lost her joy and thus her ability to create: wind, water, rain and everything green.


​Her once lush home turns into a desert, and the kids now have to help her get her smile back once more, while also bringing life back to this now deserted realm!


​Whereas the first book addressed how we can approach fear, this book introduces children to ways that we approach sadness and the importance of community in healing.  It also introduces readers to the incredible Ancient Aztecs, and their amazing contributions to world history as well! 


Carefree, Like Me! - Ch. 2 - Sacra the Joyous

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